Proud of yourself

Why it’s Okay to be Proud of Yourself

If you had told me at eight years old that someday I would be living in my own little apartment, with my own fur babies, feeling brave enough to not have to call my mom or dad every hour to check if they were coming home, I wouldn't have believed you in the slightest. I put up an Instagram post … Continue reading
H2Glow Facial

H2Glow Facial: What, Where, and How?

How many times is it acceptable for me to begin a post with stating how anything with the word 'glow' in it immediately has my attention? So you can only imagine what an H2Glow Facial does to me... I recently visited Ms. Glam Nail Bar for a special they had been running to basically celebrate … Continue reading
June favourites

June Favourites

June swiftly came and went, and with it a whole bunch of stuff I have been using and loving! The months are flying by, so I thought I would capture some of my June favourites in one place, to share with you and to remind myself of all the amazing things I get to try - plus, the joy I have when … Continue reading
Sustainable living

Playing our Part in Sustainable Living

Two significant words that when put together induce a whole range of emotions within me. When I hear 'sustainable living', and ‘climate change’ too for that matter, I immediately feel a sense of panic. I have been frightened by the words 'climate change' since I could really grasp their … Continue reading
colour block jumper

Colour Block Jumper in Neapolitan Shades

I have good news.. Neapolitan is not limited to ice cream! Colour block jumpers are an awesome way to bring in a little sweet flavour to your wardrobe, and if they're fluffy and soft like this one, they could even prove to be better than ice cream... Or maybe not. But close enough. For a while I … Continue reading